Aerdenhout, NL


2016, April

Really nice garden in Aerdenhot, with really nice people.

They had no idea about what thew would like to have in the garden.

They had no experience at all,but a Wish...have a colorful garden in most part of the years and start to undestand how a garden works...

Even if the garden is composed by over 50 varieties of plants,it is made for beginners,without looking so.

"Geranium", "Iris", Brunnera" are tuff plants easy to maintence.

Shrubs as "Rhododendron" and "Mahonia" and tree as "Acer" is a starting piont for them.

Of course, the mix used is not placed randomly. This project took me a lot of time on paper, but the result is unbeliveble!

The owners really work in the garden. I help them. And see how they can enjoy it, is a huge soddisfaction fom me.


Tel: +39 351 9401118




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